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SnapCRM is a web-based CRM software that includes sales automation, marketing automation, customer service & support, inventory management, business analytics, followups, collaboration, module builder, website builder, Web services access and a rich AJAX interface.

SnapCRM - Sales Automation

Faster Sales. Better Sales. Maximized Sales.

On the road from lead to sale, there are more than a few detours, more than a few potholes, and many, many opportunities you’ll miss if you don’t drive with a navigator who knows the territory. SnapCRM knows your territory. Put SnapCRM in control of your sales process navigation and you’ll reach your destination without slowdown, without missed opportunities, and without fail. You’ll steer clear of the obstacles that slow your competition and you’ll get there in record time. From opportunity management to billing, SnapCRM navigates your business past the competition and puts you on the road to better, faster, maximized sales. Start using SnapCRM today and drive your business forward – without passing opportunities along the way.

Automate Your Enterprise

The more automated your enterprise, the better. With SnapCRM as your enterprise foundation, leads progress logically – and profitably – through your sales cycle. Support cases escalate when they should and become solved support cases faster. And opportunities land on the right desk at the right time, instead of getting lost in the shuffle.

Account Management

SnapCRM’s broad array of account management features allow sales reps to achieve a complete, 360 degree view of all customers, and to build stronger and more profitable relationships by staying in touch with their clients.

Contact Management

SnapCRM provides a comprehensive contact management system that consolidates and centralizes contact information, allowing reps to obtain a complete picture of all customers and prospects.

Competitor Management

SnapCRM helps boost competitive advantage and improve win rates with advanced competitor management capabilities

Opportunity Management

With SnapCRM’s optimized opportunity management tools, sales staff can track their deals from initiation through closure, and stay on top of each and every opportunity in progress.


SnapCRM provides sophisticated revenue forecasting features that deliver complete visibility into the viability of deals in progress. Sales managers can more effectively manage quotas and pipelines, financial analysts can better predict quarterly revenues and cash flows, and production teams have the insight they need to improve the accuracy of demand and capacity planning.

Sales Order Processing

The efficient handling of sales orders is crucial to maximizing sales efficiency, and optimizing customer satisfaction by ensuring on-time delivery of goods and services. SnapCRM simplifies the sales order process, helping sales reps to better manage orders generated by customers.

Quote Management

SnapCRM allows users to quickly generate quotes for potential customers, and closely manage them throughout the approval process. Sales rep efficiency will be dramatically increased, while the errors and inconsistencies caused by manual quote creation will completely eliminated.


Generating, distributing, and tracking invoices is fast and easy with SnapCRM. Bills can be created in just minutes, and tracked until payment is made.

Activity Management

SnapCRM’s comprehensive activity management gives users the ability to easily schedule and prioritize appointments, tasks, phone calls, in-person meetings, letters and faxes, and other activities.

Territory Management

Today’s sales organizations are multi-faceted, with activities aligned by business unit, by product, by geographic region, or other ways. SnapCRM can significantly enhance sales operations, regardless of the structure or model of the organization.

Product Catalog Management

With SnapCRM, reps can more efficiently manage the multiple products and services they sell.

Sales Literature Management

Product brochures, promotional pieces, and other collateral can be created, stored, and managed quickly and easily with SnapCRM.


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