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SnapCRM is a web-based CRM software that includes sales automation, marketing automation, customer service & support, inventory management, business analytics, followups, collaboration, module builder, website builder, Web services access and a rich AJAX interface.

SnapCRM - Features

Meet Your New Profit Center

When we designed SnapCRM, we figured helping you boost internal efficiencies, streamline sales and support operations, and skyrocket productivity was the least we could do. Then we went further. SnapCRM controls costs, but it also helps you work the other side of the profit equation: revenues. Revenues that are missing from existing sales orders. Revenues that are hiding in support cases. Revenues that are just waiting to be extracted from follow-up calls. Revenues that truly satisfied customers seem to generate all by themselves. SnapCRM gives you a real-time, 24/7, 360-degree view of each prospect, each customer, and each company representative. SnapCRM highlights every upsell and cross-sell possibility. SnapCRM ensures that every call and contact meets the highest standards of customer care. In short, SnapCRM makes every revenue opportunity that comes your way plainly visible and immediately actionable, turning every part of your business into a profit center.

Automate Your Enterprise

The more automated your enterprise, the better. With SnapCRM as your enterprise foundation, leads progress logically – and profitably – through your sales cycle. Support cases escalate when they should and become solved support cases faster. And opportunities land on the right desk at the right time, instead of getting lost in the shuffle.

Sales Automation

Maximize sales by capitalizing on every lead, tracking the competition, and ensuring no opportunity falls through the cracks with SnapCRM's Automation features.

Marketing Automation

Boost your advertising ROI and cut the costs of your even the most complicated multi-channel campaigns by automating your marketing with SnapCRM.

Service and Support Management

Use SnapCRM’s sophisticated Service and Support Management to turn support cases into customer satisfaction – and increased revenues – faster than ever.


Turn collections of individuals into effective and profitable teams with SnapCRM’s system-wide Collaboration features.

Business Analytics

Get deep insight into your enterprise’s activities with SnapCRM’s comprehensive reports and answers-at-a-glance Dashboards.


SnapCRM’s platform turns complex system administration, integration, synchronization, and mobilization into simple point-and-click operations.

Mobile CRM

Good business is where you find it, so we’ve made sure that SnapCRM goes wherever you do. Accessible online via any major Web browser, SnapCRM brings all the power of the enterprise CRM solution to mobile professionals, whether they prefer to do business on notebooks, iPhones, BlackBerrys, Windows Mobile Phones, or any other Web-enabled device.


It’s about letting you customize layouts, menus, and just about any other aspect of SnapCRM so that it works the way you do. It’s about giving you the power to make SnapCRM into YourCRM. From drag-and-drop layout customization to code-free add-on module creation, SnapCRM gives even non-technical users the tools to tailor SnapCRM in any way they want and build any custom tool they need.

Deploy SnapCRM Your Way

SnapCRM offers flexible deployment options. Host SnapCRM at your server for maximum control. Or, host SnapCRM with us for fast deployment and reduced costs.


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