CRM Software - SnapCRM

SnapCRM is a web-based CRM software that includes sales automation, marketing automation, customer service & support, inventory management, business analytics, followups, collaboration, module builder, website builder, Web services access and a rich AJAX interface.

SnapCRM - Customization

Maximum Customization and Expansion Available. Minimal Know-How Required.

One-size-fits-all CRM solutions usually turn out to be bloated, one-size-fits-none CRM solutions. Making your business truly agile and customer-centric isn’t about packing SnapCRM full of obscure features and functions that almost no one uses. It’s about giving you just what you need to reach your enterprise’s goals and then making it easy for you to go after even higher goals with unique features you can dream up and add to SnapCRM yourself. It’s about letting you customize layouts, menus, and just about any other aspect of SnapCRM so that it works the way you do. It’s about giving you the power to make SnapCRM into YourCRM. From drag-and-drop layout customization to code-free add-on module creation, SnapCRM gives even non-technical users the tools to tailor SnapCRM in any way they want and build any custom tool they need. And with the option to share SnapCRM data with other applications and devices using Web services, SnapCRM becomes YourCRM – the anytime, anywhere, custom-built CRM solution you’ve been looking for.

SnapCRM’s rich and intuitive AJAX browser-based interface has been painstakingly designed to be simple, efficient, and attractive, so you can get right to work without a lot of tedious option-setting to hold you back. But then again, who are we to tell you how your CRM should look and behave? SnapCRM lets your users choose which columns they see, how information is filtered, which formatting is applied to their data, and much more, making an already user-friendly desktop into an individually tuned productivity maximizer. But SnapCRM’s customization options are more than skin deep. Using the SnapCRM Application builder, even non-technical users can customize existing modules or add entirely new functionality without a single line of code.

Module Builder

SnapCRM includes a fully-integrated Module Builder that gives organizations the ability to develop custom business software solutions, changing their CRM system to support virtually any business requirement. Users can quickly and easily alter existing modules by adding or modifying features, adjusting the user interface, and more. Or, they can create brand new modules from scratch. So any sales, marketing, or support process across the enterprise can be automated and enhanced, no matter how unique or complex.

Web Services

SOAP or RESTful Web services can be leveraged to access the information stored within the SnapCRM database, to create powerful composite applications to support specific needs.


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