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SnapCRM is a web-based CRM software that includes sales automation, marketing automation, customer service & support, inventory management, business analytics, followups, collaboration, module builder, website builder, Web services access and a rich AJAX interface.

SnapCRM - On-site CRM

On-site Deployment

On-site CRM deployments can offer many significant advantages. With the on-site or on-premise deployment approach, customers internally manage SnapCRM and related information, behind their own firewalls. The key benefit of the on-site deployment model is control. Customers have the comfort of full ownership, obtaining greater control over the entire application throughout its lifecycle. On-site deployment clients can implement and enforce policies for usage, management, and security, defining exactly how IT staff maintains the application, and how users interact with it. Additionally, on-site deployment offers enhanced flexibility. Customers have the ability to leverage broader and deeper customization options, and seamlessly integrate the application suite with other internal business systems. Pirsquare technologies SnapCRM’s available on-site deployment options include:


SnapCRM can be installed on any Linux, Windows, Solaris, BSD, or MacOS server – in less than five minutes. MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL, Oracle, DB2 and Apache Derby databases are fully supported. An embedded database is included with the product, for those companies looking for an even faster deployment.

VMWare Software Appliance

This complete package includes SnapCRM, and a guest Linux OS designed specifically for the virtual VMWare environment. This approach is ideal for companies looking for maximum flexibility when it comes to choosing a hardware platform, or for organizations who want to deploy SnapCRM with minimal IT effort.

Amazon Machine Image (AMI) for EC2

We provide a comprehensive solution containing SnapCRM and a guest Linux OS designed specifically for the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). This is the perfect choice for companies who wish to simplify and accelerate implementation, and be able to scale quickly and easily using Amazon EC2.


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