CRM Software - SnapCRM

SnapCRM is a web-based CRM software that includes sales automation, marketing automation, customer service & support, inventory management, business analytics, followups, collaboration, module builder, website builder, Web services access and a rich AJAX interface.


Sales Automation
Maximize sales by capitalizing on every lead, tracking the competition, and ensuring no opportunity falls through the cracks with SnapCRM's Automation features.
Marketing Automation
Boost your advertising ROI and cut the costs of your even the most complicated multi-channel campaigns by automating your marketing with SnapCRM.
Service and Support Management
Use SnapCRM’s sophisticated Service and Support Management to turn support cases into customer satisfaction – and increased revenues – faster than ever.
Turn collections of individuals into effective and profitable teams with SnapCRM’s system-wide Collaboration features.
Business Analytics
Get deep insight into your enterprise's activities with SnapCRM’s comprehensive reports and answers-at-a-glance Dashboards.
One-size-fits-all CRM solutions usually turn out to be bloated, SnapCRM becomes YourCRM – the anytime, anywhere, custom-built CRM solution you’ve been looking for.


we understand our every customer’s business logic and have provided them with specific tailored made solutions with custom CRM development.

Right now our expertise includes the following:

  • Lead Qualification & Tracking
  • Contacts and Accounts Management
  • Campaigns Scheduling and Tracking
  • Marketing Automation
  • Customer service and support
  • Inventory Management
  • Biometrics Integration
  • Followups
  • Appointment
  • Analytics
  • Mobile CRM
  • Module Builder
  • Website Builder


Pirsquare Technologies

We specialize in providing our customers with complete CRM.

At Pirsquare Technologies, We perform a deep study of Our client’s industry, Business processes and various other factors. We specialize in providing our customers with complete CRM.

Our experienced consultants have considerable experience in different aspects of building an effective CRM system. We will guide you through all the stages of the solution implementation giving a sound advice and helping you select the right strategy.Our experts will help you understand all the implementation possibilities and help you select the right components of the future CRM system that are important for your business.

This enables us to design a customized solution incorporating all the tools and modules necessary for one’s specific business. More importantly, we design a solution which is robust and reliable and which allows you to manage every corner stone of your business effectively and efficiently.

we know you will see how the power of this CRM can truly take your business to the next level.